Acft: Aircraft

ACG: Air Commando Group (USAAF)

ACS: Air Commando Squadron (USAAF)

AF: Air Force

ANR: Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana (Italian Air Force, Post Capitulation)

Ar: Arado (German Aircraft Manufacturer)

AVG: American Volunteer Group (Flying Tigers)


B: Bomber Aircraft Designator (USAAF)

Bf: Bayerische Flugzeugwerke (German Aircraft Manufacturer)

BMW: Bayerische Motoren Werke (German Engine Manufacturer)


C: Cargo Aircraft Designator (USAAF)

CG: Composite Group (USAAF)

CR: Celistino Rosatelli (Italian Aircraft Designer)

CV: Aircraft Carrier (USN)

CVE: Aircraft Carrier, Escort (USN)

CVEG: Carrier Air Group, Escort (USN)

CVG: Carrier Air Group (USN)

CVG(N): Carrier Air Group, Night (USN)

CVL: Aircraft Carrier, Light (USN)

CVLG: Carrier Air Group, Light (USN)

CVLG(N): Carrier Air Group, Light, Night (USN)


DB: Daimler-Benz (German Engine Manufacturer)

Do: Dornier (German Aircraft Manufacturer)


E: Enlisted

EAG: Enterprise Air Group (USN)

EJG: Ergänzungs Jagdgeschwader (Luftwaffe Replacement Training Fighter Wing)


F: Fighter Aircraft Designator (USN, USMC)

FAA: Fleet Air Arm (Royal Navy)

FG: Fighter Group (USAAF)

FG(P): Fighter Group (Provisional) (USAAF)

Fi: Fieseler (German Aircraft Manufacturer)

FS: Fighter Squadron (USAAF)

FS(P): Fighter Squadron (Provisional) (USAAF)

FTG: Fighter Training Group

FTS: Fighter Training Squadron

Fw: Focke Wulf (German Aircraft Manufacturer)


G: Giuseppe Gabrielli (Italian Aircraft Designer)

GO: General Officer

Gr: Group


HAG: Hornet Air Group (USN)

He: Heinkel (German Aircraft Manufacturer)

HLeLv: Hävittäjälentolaivue (Finnish Fighter Squadron, abbreviation became effective on 14 Feb 1944)


IAR: Industria Aeronautica Romana (Romanian Aircraft Manufacturer)

Il: Ilyushin (Soviet Aircraft Manufacturer)


JAAF: Japanese Army Air Force

JG: Jagdgeschwader (Luftwaffe Fighter Wing)

(J)/LG: Jagd Lehrgeschwader (Luftwaffe Fighter Tactical Evaluation or Training Wing)

JNAF: Japanese Navy Air Force

Ju: Junkers (German Aircraft Manufacturer)

JV: Jagdverband (Luftwaffe Fighter Unit)


La: Lavochkin (Soviet Aircraft Manufacturer)

LAG: Lexington Air Group (USN)

LaGG: Lavochkin-Gorbunov-Gudkov (Soviet Aircraft Manufacturer)

LeLv: Lentolaivue (Finnish Fighter Squadron, abbreviation effective from May, 1942 to 14 Feb 1944)

LG: Lehrgeschwader (Luftwaffe Tactical Evaluation or Training Wing)

LLv: Lentolaivue (Finnish Fighter Squadron, abbreviation effective up to May, 1942)


M-B: Montefusco-Bonet (Italian Air Force)

MC: Mario Castoldi (Italian Aircraft Designer)

MCVG: Carrier Air Group (USMC)

Me: Messerschmitt (German Aircraft Manufacturer)

MiG: Mikoyen-Gurevich (Soviet Aircraft Manufacturer)

Mk: Mark


NAF: Numbered Air Force (USAAF)

NCO: Non-Commissioned Officer

NFS: Night Fighter Squadron (USAAF)

(N)/JG: Nacht Jagdgeschwader (Luftwaffe Night Fighter Wing)


O: Officer


P: Pursuit Aircraft Designator (USAAF)

PG: Pursuit Group (USAAF)

PS: Pursuit Squadron (USAAF)

PS(P): Pursuit Squadron (Provisional) (USAAF)

PZL: Panstwowe Zaklady Lotnicze (Polish Aircraft Manufacturer)


RAAF: Royal Australian Air Force

RAF: Royal Air Force

RAG: Ranger Air Group (USN)

RAuxAF: Royal Auxiliary Air Force

RCAF: Royal Canadian Air Force

Re: Reggiane (Italian Aircraft Manufacturer)

RIAF: Royal Indian Air Force

RNZAF: Royal New Zealand Air Force


SAAF: South African Air Force

SAG: Saratoga Air Group (USN)

SF: Scouting Force (USAAF)

SG: Schlachtgeschwader (Luftwaffe Ground Attack Wing)

(s.J)/LG: Schwere Jagd Lehrgeschwader (Luftwaffe Heavy Fighter Tactical Evaluation or Training Wing)

Sq: Squadron

Sqdn: Squadron

StG: Sturzkampfgeschwader (Luftwaffe Dive Bomber Wing)

(St)/LG: Sturzkampf Lehrgeschwader (Luftwaffe Dive Bomber Tactical Evaluation or Training Wing)


TRG: Tactical Reconnaissance Group (USAAF)

TRS: Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron (USAAF)


USAAC: United States Army Air Corps

USAAF: United States Army Air Force

USMC: United States Marine Corps

USN: United States Navy


VBF: Fighter-Bomber Squadron (USN)

VF: Fighter Squadron (USN)

VF(N): Night Fighter Squadron (USN)

VMF: Fighter Squadron (USMC)

VMF(N): Night Fighter Squadron (USMC)


WAG: Wasp Air Group (USN)

W/O: Warrant Officer


YAG: Yorktown Air Group (USN)

Yak: Yakovlev (Soviet Aircraft Manufacturer)


ZG: Zerstörergeschwader (Luftwaffe Destroyer Wing)


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